Firstly appearing in the Southport community newspaper ‘The Champion’ We continued to raise as much public awareness and further support for victims and survivors of CSA. During August 2015 we’d already appeared in the Champion on three occasions.

Fast forward to more recently, May 2018 we appeared again in the Champion to raise more awareness about our progress and to announce the release of our first book ‘Little boy Wonder’ available on Amazon.

Little boy wonder continues with his journey read more here.  Also Since appearing in the latest addition of the Southport Champion newspaper 16th May 2018 we’ve gained more media interest and support from the Liverpool Echo and will be appearing on-line and on the 11/June/2018 paper addition where you can track our progress to date in our ever continued fight for help and support for all historical, present and for the future victims and survivors of CSA of any form.

Once the press release had took place we were promptly approached by BBC Radio Nottingham and BBC Radio Merseyside. We were invited to the studio to give a live interview. This gave us a great opportunity to reach out to other victims and survivors to come forward and be their own hero’s.

‘I told a social worker and the police that I had been raped – but nothing happened Read more here Little Boy Wonder continues with the journey Nottingham Post front page coverage continued on page 5 here For more shocking details.

August 2015 we decided to set up an on-line petition with avaaz community petitions  and a local community petition called ‘Justice for froggy campaign’. We set this up not only for Justice for Froggy, but also for all other historical victims and survivors of CSA. take a look here Justice for Froggy petition Southport 19/May/2015


Our next plan of action was to continue with our strenuous campaign, so we decided to approach our local community newspaper ‘The Champion’ They were extremely understanding towards the nature of our campaign and without any hesitation they agreed to run a story by giving us front page coverage for the maximin exposer. You can take a look at the front page coverage here Front page coverage 19/august/2015.

09/September/2015 we appeared in the ‘champion newspaper’ for a third time appealing to the Government for their help and support for all historical victims and survivors of CSA. Take a look here at the Campaign continued for victims and survivors. 

October 2015 we approached Sefton council with a full comprehensive business plan with a three year projections. The plan was for a one stop multi functional building providing all aspects of support and treatment for Victims and Survivors of Rape, Sexual abuse and sexual exploitation. To also include therapeutic activities to provide support and opportunities for social inclusion. Included in the plan was initial aim to open a shop retail outlet to raise the funds for the multi functional centre.

(The Blue Frog Foundation CIC)

While working along side council business advisers during a 12 month period we were advised to register the company and go straight into securing funding for the multi functional centre, we initially while waiting for the project to take off approached a community church to hold some introductory classes and support for victims and survivors, after negotiations with the church officials we were regrettably informed that this would be deemed unsuitable as some victims and survivors may have issues as they had toddler and pre-school clubs running, again we were devastated as we were trying to reach other victims and survivors. Securing premises to which we did, including plans for expansion pending funding, we applied for all funding applications available to us.

During this time we had the promise of support from the Lord Mayer of Southport and continued to work with Sefton business advises, we applied to various funding agencies to be informed that they require proof of local funding support from Sefton area. We went on to apply for funding from our own Sefton borough council and were unsuccessful as the funding was given for a pop up library. After two years working on this project we were both very devastated and it had taken it’s toll on us both, frustrated and eager to have helped other victims and survivors, we had hit a brick wall.

After working on our first book (Little Boy Wonder) we published it on Amazon on the 09/May/2018 with excellent reviews coming in, please view our book reviews at the top of this page in the menu bar. You can also have a sneak preview here at Amazon Little boy wonders true story

16/May/2018 We approached the Champion newspaper again to see if they would help with some more public exposer, only this time it was for the release of our book Little boy wonder, co-authored with Marie Kay. They were only to pleased to help us again. The book as been written to help give hope, strength and inspiration to all other victims and survivors of CSA to come forward and be their own hero’s.


Please show you kind support and sign this petition below to help raise more public awareness and compassion for all victims and survivors of CSA


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