History of “Little Boy Wonder”

I was born in Nottingham 1963, my Father was a window cleaner and a rag and bone man, and my Mother worked as an usherette at the Adelphi cinema in Nottingham town centre. My earliest memories take me back to 1969 aged 6/7 years old, where we lived at number 1 Hyde terrace, Carlton Nottingham, and where my harrowing true story begins, my traumatising childhood unfolds.

I remember this house well, I used play in puddles just to the side of the Mini clubman in the picture above, and it’s where I recall jubilation on discovering how to tie my shoe laces correctly for the first time, Yippee! I was chuffed with my self, it’s a petty Mother and my twat of a old Man didn’t see it that way also, they wasn’t amused at all.

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