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Paul F Senior Paul D Waine. Date: 08/05/2018 Co-Author Paul Waine Is whom this factual true story is about, unbelievably considering his traumatic childhood won writing awards for his handwriting at school and had shown great promise in a number of sports including football, swimming, snooker table tennis. Unfortunately as you will discover when you read the book he did not have the opportunity to excel in any of these.


19390508_1536294156421266_472024325679583111_oCo-author Marie Kay. Date: 11/05/2018  has written stories and poetry since she was a child and once won a poetry competition and had her work published, many years ago. However has not perused publication until Little boy Wonder. She finds Mr Waine to be a truly inspirational character and a great hope for other victims of these horrendous crimes and the mental health consequences suffered as a direct result. She is a mum of 6 children and herself very creative and has a passion for arts and crafts. She has degrees in phycology and Mental health. and is already working on her next book.

About Paul continued.

I was born in Nottingham 1963, my Father was a window cleaner and a rag and bone man, and my Mother worked as an usherette at the Elite cinema in Nottingham town centre. My earliest memories take me back to 1969 aged 6/7 years old, where we lived at number 1 Hyde terrace, Carlton Nottingham, and where my harrowing true story begins, my traumatising childhood unfolds. (Little Boy Wonder)

Paul is now part of the largest criminal inquiry in UK history into historical CSA whilst in care of the local authorities Nottingham and previously in the family home.

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Independent inquiry child sexual abuse

Please use the above link for more up to date information. You can also keep track of the inquiry via YouTube Live stream IICSA

It is only by authorities admitting liability that Victims and Survivors of CSA can gain proper Justice and closure.

Living with the devastating consequences from CSA for any victim or survivor is very complex. It’s extremely difficult to put it all into words other then the impact instantly effects your “personality,” then it eats away at your “social life,” then it takes over your “professional life.” Leaving you but no choice, to live a very solo and isolated lifestyle.


An organisation for Victims assistance was founded in 1975, we are now in 2018  We should be seeing continual reports of acts redacting these numbers, a countdown, not continual increase.