We’re delighted to announce the launch of our first book, “Little boy wonder” Telling the harrowing true story of one little boy’s fight for survival. Against all odds he manages to give us all a no holds barred account of the true shocking events that were to unfold.

Little boy Wonder’s tainted story leads him down an unforeseen path of share devastation and trauma, and is now part of, the largest criminal inquiry in British history into child sexual abuse whilst in the care of the local authorities, and previously in the family home.

Little boy wonder is now part of the Truth Project set up by Government to aid historical victim’s & survivors alike, giving them the chance to give their own personal account of events and the consequences that were inevitably to follow their own personal stories.

Beechwood children’s home  was my third video interview with Operation day break  regarding my time in care of the local authorities. First they put me in St Martins children’s home in Bilbourough, Nottingham, where I ran away to try and find my Mother, but Unfortunately for me I was soon picked up by the local Police.

They notified the Social Service who then took me to my second home called Beechwood (Lindens) “Hell on earth” where I was further subjected to more CSA, bullies from the other lads including the staff, it was a very hostile environment, cruel and a brutal establishment for all the lads not just for me, I witnessed cruelty from the staff onto other boys. This was meant to be a safe place away from previous CSA and cruelty, but it was sadly far from it. You can read more on our about the author’s page above.

Beechwood children’s home Nottingham


As the story goes, Little boy Wonder was eventually shipped out of Beechwood due to being an unruly pathetic little boy, according to my case files. I won’t mention the social worker for obvious reasons but I distinctively remember who wrote the reports surrounding the time of me leaving BeechwoodHell on earth“. He often got caught up having to try and find and catch me from running away, they state in my case files that I was a prolific absconder, “Can anyone blame me”?

Any-way, Beechwood children’s home was a place where most of the good boy’s would be eventually adopted out to foster parents, WoW! That would of been great for me, but unfortunately that wasn’t to be in my case, like I said, they had me down as a loose cannon.

Skegby hall was the next place they moved me to, a more secure unit on the outskirts of Nottingham. This place was also very scary and an hostile environment, with cruel members of staff and bullies.  It’s also where I learnt how to read and write, play sports for the first time. So all wasn’t bad here. Not until I was eventually reunited with my Mother for the first time in 3 years.

Bestwood Est Nottingham 1975/6 where Mother and her new fellow lived with my new step brother, can you believe that? She signed me away to a twisted narcissistic man who had just been released from HMP for CSA! She knew all about his twisted past, it’s one of the real reasons why she left him in the first place, it was a perfect get away when he was sent down. Please read Little boy wonder for the full story in more graphic detail.


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